IDEALOGUE is an independent digital studio that creates intellectual properties for brands and specializes in integrated, scalable new media entertainment.


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ThumbScribes by IDEALOGUE

ThumbScribes is a platform developed by Idealogue for creating collaborative content. Co+create haiku, poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas, exquisite corpse and songs, real time or asynchronously with your computer, tablet, cell phone, IM and even twitter.

co+create at

Likeness by IDEALOGUE

The directorial debut of Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, “LIKENESS” is a personal meditation on perception of self and eating disorders created by Prieto and his daughter starring Elle Fanning. IDEALOGUE and Little Minx partnered with Candescent Films to produce "LIKENESS" as part of a broader mission to utilize the short form narrative to effect social change.

- Selected for Tribeca Film Festival, Short Film Program 2013


Alone, a beautiful woman is exposed to Booktrack a new form of entertainment in the white-noir short from IDEALOGUE directed by Phillip Van, starring Petra Nemcova and author James Frey.
Music and Sound Design by Q Department.

See Hear

- Shortlisted for Clio Awards
- Spot of the day Creativity Magazine and Adweek

Diesel Flash Fiction by IDEALOGUE

A proprietary literary commission and large scale video installation created by Idealogue for Diesel USA. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's famous six-word flash, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn" and the extreme brevity of the medium, the Flash Fiction series authorized literature to make a dramatic symbolic record within culture's fast text messaging sentiment.

Flash Fiction writers curated by The Accompanied Literary Society included: Jonathan Ames, Sloane Crosley, Paul Haggis, A.M. Homes, Lewis Lapham, Jonathan Lethem, Colum McCann, Jay McInerney, Gary Shteyngart.

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Case Study

dir. panoptic
music Q Department

adidas adicolor Podcast by IDEALOGUE

A series of seven short films created for adidas. adicolor Podcast generated a global networked, persistent and pervasive audience of 25 million viewers and was the first campaign to be available for download on iPod and the Playstation Portable

Directors included Tronic Studio, Happy, Charlie White, PSYOP, Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Neill Blomkamp and Saiman Chow

- D&AD Awards Yellow Pencil Excellence in Achievement for Viral Films 2007
- Shortlist Titanium Lions at Cannes 2007
- Case study in Principles of Marketing text book Kotler Armstrong 2007

White | Pink | Green | Blue | Red | Yellow | Black

Little Minx Exquisite Corpse by IDEALOGUE

A new media distributive narrative based on the surrealist parlour game “The Exquisite Corpse” featuring Little Minx directors Laurent Briet, Chris Nelson, Malik Hassan Sayeed, Josh Miller and Phillip Van.

- Selected for short programming at Tribeca Film Festival and CineVegas 2008
- Webby Award Winner 2008


A social network generated trilogy directed by Tronic for GaiaOnline featuring soundtrack by Q Department.

- Webby Award Official Honoree 2008


Coined as the "hippest sporting event in New York City" by The New York Times FANATIC was created by IDEALOGUE in 2002 as an immersive experience of soccer and community that contextualized adidas as a medium to facilitate culture.

FANATIC scaled globally as adicup and became an integral component to the adidas strategy for FIFA World Cup in 2006, 2010 and 2014.

Fanatic V 2006


A mobile game developed in collaboration with SMUGGLER, CP+B &
MINI Cooper.

Freestyle MINI

Pax Athletica by IDEALOGUE

Pax Athletica™ mobile entertainment property by IDEALOGUE
A mobile game for adidas celebrating the 2004 Olympic games, artwork by Craig Robinson.

Pax Athletica

The Bronx Soundwalk by IDEALOGUE

An immersive audio experience for adidas that pays homage to The
Bronx and celebrates the synthesis of sport and culture.

- Best Original APA Audie Award 2004
- Archived in the New York Historical Society 2004

Press Corps

Creativity Magazine
Diesel Flash Fiction: Fashion and Words do Mix - Instead of taking the now much expected route of asking creative types to come up with their own video content, Idealogue took a literary turn in order to help launch Diesel's new fall campaign in New York.

Vogue Magazine
"The latest postmodern brand name is Idealogue-a futuristic marketing agency that's half forties-swewardess chic, half Brave New World."

Index Magazine
"IDEALOGUE is fostering a "design science revolution" in which money is representational of energy, PR is about the intellectual integrity of the universe, and Nikola Teslas of the world triumph over the JP Morgans"

Creative Review 
adicolor Podcast by Idealogue “world changing”.

Boards Magazine 
"At a time when everyone is looking at user generated content Idealogue's MMVII for Gaiaonline is looking at how to create a property that comes out of a social network"

Idealogue and Diesel add "Literature" to the Marketing Mix

Res Magazine
“adicolor Podcast by Idealogue marks a trend towards original content commissioned specifically for New Media distribution”

Contagious Magazine
adicolor  Podcast by Idealogue the “best fully integrated campaign ever”. "adicolor activated a networked audience shaping culture and defined adidas’ identity in this new media space”

Flash Fiction: Masterminded by Idealogue, New York, Diesel and the Accompanied Literary Society have commissioned original stories from leading lights including Jay McInerary and Jonathan Ames.

New York Times
PULSE; Magic Bullets for a New Age - New York Times
Sunday Styles Section: "Magic Bullets for a New Age" 
Idealogue defines as a non product product.

Creativity Magazine 
Best curation of creative talent 2006 : adicolor Podcasts IDEALOGUE hatched a brilliant way to tap un-channeled directorial talent and take advantage of emerging media portals to set adidas originals apart as a modern day brand Medici.

Cannes It List 'boards Magazine 2006
Adidas Client of the year, hands down
With significant, credible work across nearly every medium & every major territory over the last 12 months. From the bleeding-edge animation of 1st Avenue Machine's "Modular Man" & Pleix's "Adistar" to Idealogue's adicolor Podcast’s.

For production companies finding new ways of showcasing directors is a head-scratcher at the best of times, but for New York's Idealogue and RSA affiliate Little Minx, it's all turned out to be hi-tech childsplay. The idea of dragging the early 1900s parlour game Exquisite Corpse into the 21st century and applying it to the very small screen of personal media players is spawning an ongoing series of scripts and films, with a different director picking up where the other left off. The concept was thought up by Jacqueline Bosnjak and Mark Beukes, founders and guardians of Idealogue, the new media entertainment studio best known for creating the adidas adicolor podcasts which this year won a yellow Pencil in the viral films category at the D&AD Awards.

Creativity Magazine
Top 50 Creatives 2007
Erich Stamminger, President/CEO of adidas: “On the artsier side, the brand’s Originals division was a generous patron, commissioning the celebrated adicolor Podcast series with IDEALOGUE featuring color-coded films made by the likes of PSYOP, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, Neill Blomkamp, and the team Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel”.

SPONSORSHIP The Fine Art of Corporate Sponsorship & The Corporate Sponsorship of Fine Art by Ryan McGinness
A collection of critical essays and interviews from Shepard Fairey, Rob Walker, Jacqueline Millar Bosnjak, ESPO, Craig Costello (KR), Todd James (Reas) Bill McMullen and Roman Yang (RO_STARR)
The Whole - The Sum of Its Parts by Jacqueline Millar Bosnjak
Culture is a networked consciousness. It would be interesting if a brand approached as a "medium" to effect real change. Stimulating the development of a "post-individual" creative person; a cultural-environmental problem solver. Sponsorship that is sustainable to culture, modeled on the "gift economy" would empower corporations to stop producing and reproducing the "real" and start nurturing the "real" to enable them to participate in a new era of extraordinary integrity.

zingmagazine13 -- Idealogue 01
Idealogue guest curate zingmagazine No 13

Index Magazine 
Indie PR Strategist Jacqueline Bosnjak Bosnjak interviews cult sci-fi author William Gibson about his newest book Pattern Recognition in which he trains his prophetic gaze on coolhunting and global branding. 
Jacqui: The protagonist of your latest novel, Pattern Recognition, is a coolhunter who relies entirely on instinct to spot emerging trends. 
William Gibson: Pattern Recognition allows us to have spoken and written language, and to build prosthetic devices that store memory. Our memory as a species isn't dependent on the lives of individuals. 

SHOOT Magazine 2008
Little Minx, a division of RSA, has initiated Little Minx Exquisite Corpse with New York-based new media entertainment studio IDEALOGUE. The creative inspiration for the project came from the surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse in which players develop a story piecemeal, each participant adding line by line to create a bigger, sometimes outlandish tale.


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